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preliminary reconnaissance of the anniversary ride. Conclusion, I need a 28
sprocket or walking shoes! On route we trespassed onto the Lees Court
estate originally built by George Sondes (Abraham Delaune’s brother- in
-law’s home), more of that next month when I have time to sort out Mick’s
photos. We continued to Newnham and back through Faversham for a spot
of lunch and when we arrived back in Herne Bay we had managed 50.4 miles.
Talking of the anniversary walk and run, Len Brown has kindly offered to lead
the walk, thanks Len. If you are coming I would appreciate you letting me
know and also please do not park in the George’s car park, unless you are
only meeting us for lunch. There is plenty of space out on the road.

I am sure writing this in a hurry I shall miss something important, for which
I apologise, but I must not conclude without mentioning the ’Le Tour’. What
a great welcome Yorkshire gave but we did not want the dramas which
followed. First Cav crashes out, then, Froome followed by Contador the
latter two in atrocious weather conditions

So as this drama continues will Nibali hold his lead by staying upright or
will Richie Porte move in on him? It’s better than a soap opera!

Just remembered, hope you will all get your De Laune anniversary badges
in due course, and thanks go to Val for organising them.

There was a mistype in my report last month for Alan’s ‘10’ club vets record,
it was 25.40 taking Roy Boy’s 25.45 at age 75. Damn, I did 25.51 in the
PMR series this evening should have tried a bit harder! Val & Tony were the
timekeepers for this event and Val informed me that Mike Rice had done
21.58 in the Horsham Cycling event on 28 June. Brilliant ride Michael,
but sadly not a Vets record for Chris Hubbard did 20.28 at age 49 which
is also a club record.

Hope to see many of you in the next few weeks, either at the Max Dod’s
memorial ride and BBQ, Ian’s promotion the Fred Peachey ‘25’ the following
week or at the end of the month, the anniversary ride or walk from Newnham.

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