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Dear Mark

You recorded the sad news of my brother Brian's passing in your June issue
but as there was no photo at the time of printing I am enclosing one. Many
of our older members will remember him from back in the late 1940's and

Brian joined the De Laune in 1947 which, of course, was soon after the war
ended and there were still many shortages but cycling was a wonderful
opportunity to get about and explore places cheaply and in good company.

After Brian told me of all the friendship and advantages of being a De Laune
member I soon joined too.

Brian's great cycling friend was John Zafas (who later became his
brother-in-law when Marian and Brian married in 1955). The whole Zafas
family were very active and supportive De Laune members but Marian was
not allowed to join as 'no women' in those days! Marian had to be a
Sydenham Wheelers girl.

The photo is of Brian and John breaking the Club Record on 1st June 1948
while riding in the Old Portlian's Tandem '30'.

I shall always be grateful to Brian for introducing me to such a good club.
Wishing you all a sunny cycling summer and let's hope we can pull off the
hat trick again in Tour de France

Kind regards

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