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The club finances remain healthy despite some large outlays of funds
on various items over the past month, one of which was a new supply of
the Bioracer kit which Christian is beginning to distribute to those member
who ordered additional items of clothing. He does have a small supply so
if you want more he is the man to contact. Tony is still storing the
Giordana kit and, again a small stock is held. One additional item has
been purchased from Giordana a minimum order of black shorts in the
Bioracer design - some members have found the Giordana range suit them
better. Full lists of stock available can be found on the website.

Other outlays this last session have been the Open 10 which made a
deficit of £326.55 - the income from the tea bar of £135.53 was donated
Kent & Sussex Air Ambulance. Each competitor also received a
complimentary feeding bottle commemorating our 125th anniversary.
Overall a well organised event and a good advert for the club.

Once again we subsidized the clubrun to France which saw it's own
excitement with two members missing the boat on the way out despite
arriving at Dover in good time but were distracted by too much talking !!!
They did manage to catch up with everyone after boarding the next boat
and putting the pedals round a bit quick once on terra firma. On the way
home two different members managed to watch the boat departing whilst
they were on the quay side - again the next boat saw them safely home.
I think next year Kav will have to issue some reins on these older members
to keep them in check.

I once again submitted the required paperwork to HMRC to reclaim some
money back from donations given to the club - this year we received £122.35.
So thanks to all those members who give generously of their money so that
the club continues to function and I can improve on their gift in a further
small way.

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