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Henry Grattan

(Grandson of Thomas Marlay & Anne Delaune, through
their youngest daughter Mary)

born on July 3, 1746 in Dublin. He was to become leader
of the Patriot movement that won legislative inde-
pendence for Ireland in 1782 (this was the year he
married Henrietta Fitzgerald and they subsequent-
ly had 4 children). Later he headed opposition to
the union (1800) of England and Ireland. He died on
4 June 1820 in his residence at 68 Baker Street,
London and is buried in Westminster Abbey.

In the early part of the 1770s Henry, already a
qualified barrister, joined Henry Floods campaign
for legislative independence. He became an Irish MP
in December 1775. Henry was a great orator and
soon became the leading spokesman of the parlia-
mentary agitation. By 1779 he was powerful enough to persuade the British
government to remove the majority of the restraints on Irish trade. He
formally demanded the repeal of (in April of the following
year) which had made all legislation passed by the Irish Parliament subject
to approval by the British Parliament

From1782 Henry continued his struggle to reform the composition of the
Irish Parliament including his campaign to win the rights for Roman
Catholics to vote.
However, by May 1797 he retired from Parliament not a well man and
discouraged mainly due to the actions of the Irish movement for Catholic
emancipation which saw an unsuccessful rebellion in 1798. At the time of
the rebellion Henry was in England, but returned to Parliament in 1800 fo.a
short period of 5 months and campaigned vigorously against William Pitt’s
plans for the union of the Irish and British parliaments.

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