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Angie and I went down to get some food. We bumped into Jack and George,
who had been drinking since they arrived in Blarney. The Chinese food we got
was good, however, there is evidence that I was too tired to enjoy it (see pic
below). It was great to have people around me when I arrived. Without my
phone I had been unable to contact anyone, and it would’ve been sad to have
arrived with no one there. Jack had arrived a few hours before me, and George
had to finish early because of his knees giving up on him. It was interesting
to talk to Jack about how anti-climatic it was to arrive at the finish. At the
same time, I was incredibly happy that I managed to pull it off. I was glad to
have entered the race, at such short notice, and finishing 3rd was an
incredible success given the timeframe between my ankle break and entering.
As a ‘newbie’ in long-distance racing, I learned a great deal about what it
takes - physically, mentally and in terms of equipment. I will take these
lessons into my next adventure!

George, me and Jack!      Best Chinese ever! Thanks Angie!

I would like to thank Adrian (for organising such a great race), Michael (for
running race HQ), the other riders I got to know, Beth at Wildcat Gear (for
letting me use their amazing bikepacking bags), Phil at Assos (for providing
me with a free pair of shorts) and everyone who helped along the way,
especially Ross!!!! :)

Published here with the kind agreement of Paula

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