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farmer returned with tea, biscuits and grapes!!!! :) :) What a top bloke!!! I wish
I could remember his name - I owe him a thank you postcard!

Day 6 - 325km

I was a short cycle away from the ferry at Killimer, and was aiming to get
the first ferry at 7am. I estimated that the ferry port was approx. 40kms
away, but it turned out to be closer to 50km. Because I’d underestimated
the distance, I’d only given myself <2 hrs to get to the port. When I realised
my mistake, I really had to push to make the 7am sailing, and ended up
time-trialling to the ferry. I hadn’t had any breakfast, either, because slugs
had eaten my sandwiches during the night, and I dropped the rest of my food
in the rush to make the ferry. :( When I got to the ferry I met Daniel. The
media car was also waiting. To all our surprise, Adrian arrived just before the
crossing, having cycled through the night (what a legend!!).

Once we are arrived in Tarbert, we posed for the camera crew, then carried
on riding. The rest of the morning was fairly uneventful until we hit Conor
Pass. It is the highest paved road in Ireland and is one of the most beautiful
climbs my Scott has ever seen!! :) At the top, Adrian and I had ice cream
and, once again, I was confused about whether I was in a long-distance race
or on an amazing cycling holiday. I had found another cut in the sidewall of
my back tyre. I left Adrian chatting to the media crew and descended into
Dingle to get the tyre replaced at one of the local bike shops. Once back on
the road, I bumped into Jack, who, as always, had great chat (we moaned
about our aches and pains). At around 5pm, Jack stopped to have fish and
chips, but I carried on cycling. I was feeling good and wanted to keep going. I
stopped at a petrol station for fuel- a massive lemon cake!!!

I was aiming to stay at a hostel near the start of the Ring of Kerry that
night. Little did I know that the last 40kms to get there were taking me
through the Black Valley, up three steep ascents and gravelly descents. Oh,
and it was dark, and raining. :( When I finally arrived at the hostel at around
12:30am, no one answered the bloody door. Shit!!! I decided to see whether
I could sleep in the shed next door. As I investigated the shed, I found a

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