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The rest of the day was a battle – the headwinds,

                              rain and traffic on the N15 were tough to deal

                              with. Additionally my stomach started to play

                              up and I needed regular “comfort” stops. I felt

                              pretty shit. That night I stopped early. I needed

                              somewhere dry to sleep, somewhere to dry my

                              stuff and wash my shorts. I stayed in a lovely

                              B&B in Ballycastle called Keadyville House.

                              It was a bit too nice for just a few hours of rest.

                              The owners were lovely and were super interested

Cafe stop after a morning of  in the race I was taking part in. I found it hard
fixing my tyre and replacing
                              to communicate to them how tired I was and that

                              I really just wanted a bed to sleep in. The owners

were surprisingly understanding, and said if I didn’t stay for breakfast then

they’d make me sandwiches. I got into my room and washed my socks and

shorts only to realise the heating was turned off for the night. Oh nooo!!!

Today I was told I was the only girl in the race. This news didn’t have an
immediate impact, but later on, I found it hard to work out who I was
competing against. In previous races I had only competed against women.
Today’s news forced me to change my mindset and feel competitive towards
the guys round about me. The conditions were hard and the race was
challenging. Everyone who entered knew that they might be forced to drop
out, for one reason or another. As the week progressed, I knew I wanted to
finish because I was the only female left.

The next day I slept an extra 2 hours because the heating had come on in
the morning and I really wanted a dry pair of shorts. As I left, the B&B
landlady gave me 4 massive sandwiches, an apple and a banana! She really
knew what I needed! Yay! Best breakfast ever!!! Thank you!

As I left Ballycastle I ran into George as he was getting breakfast! Helloooo!!!!
After a tough day yesterday, and not seeing anyone, it was great to see him.

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