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I got to Checkpoint 1 and was fed sandwiches,
                                  bananas and my water bottles got refilled. Thank
                                  you to Ciaran’s Family, who stood out in the wind
                                  all day!:)

                                  Out of Derry, the quiet roads began – what a
                                  relief! I bumped into Jack again and we cycled
                                  side by side, chatting for a bit. When we hit the
                                  hills and headwind Jack disappeared into the
                                  distance and I tried to take it easy. Some hills
                                  were so steep I got off to walk them. Of course,
                                  this was also the moment when the media car
 Squeezing past busses on the pulled up and started filming me. Thanks guys!
   way out of Dublin. Photo The guys asked me a bunch of questions, but I
 credit: Jesko von Werthern didn’t have any answers for them. It was getting
                                  dark and I was getting tired. I rode till I found a
wee school with a little roof over it’s entrance – that was my home for the
night! I slept well that night.

I hadn’t set an alarm and woke up at about 5am, and as I was packing up I
saw two riders pass me, Jack and John. Packing up took a while. I didn’t have
a good system in place of where things went. I cycled out to the most
northerly point of the route (Malin Head), and as I finished the loop I bumped
into Michal Hampl who I gave a loud Whoooohoooo to! I realised later that
what I really loved about the route was that we would always bump into other
rides due to the loops and out and backs that we did! I really enjoyed seeing
others on the route!:)

As I was cycling on, I realised that Ireland doesn’t wake up early and that I
would have to ride for 4 hours until breakfast. When I finally did get my
breakfast, it was the best tasting full Irish I ever had! In the cafe I made the
mistake of accessing the WiFi. I got a lot of messages about my tracker not

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