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Sunday belonged to any accepted local club or association, or gave a damn
about the cyclist’s image with the general public. Tough to admit it, but
James Martin suddenly made a bit of sense. In view of this experience and
of Stax with his “Who do You Think You Are” article, I have decided to re-define
myself as a “Nimby Old-Style Racer” - i.e. try to be good and courteous to
motorists (sometimes hard), follow the rules of racing as a rough guide
(sometimes officious), don’t ride at 40mph shouting and swearing and don’t
ride on the pavement; any further (constructive) suggestions from De Laune
members, to improve the overall situation, would no doubt be most welcome??
Now, where are my old wool shorts and my trusty, 1965 (fake) Bianchi?

           Great Budworth Church etc

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In other news, but still on the subject of superhuman romantic heroic feats, you
might like to know that Jayne Wadsworth is off to do the Transcontinental Race
again. Belgium to Turkey in a couple of weeks. She's not riding as part of a pair, but
solo this time. Madness! Have a look at for more
details and to follow her progress. A spectacle so outlandish that L’Auto magazine
should use it to sell newspapers!

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