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of Seniors, mainly from Lancashire-based clubs. I took a train to the nearest
BR station, and then rode the couple of miles to the village centre. I then
took my ease in a shelter close to the church (see on the left in the first
Telegraph photo), awaiting the arrival of the race officials and to sign-on. I
was then approached by one of the locals – possibly it was the Bert Hunt
(now 92) mentioned in Joe Shute’s DT article. He seemed concerned I was
stuck and stopped to chat. I explained about the day’s race venue, which he
thought was great, adding that, “in fact, not much ever happens round here”.
He mentioned that up ‘til then Great Budworth’s only exciting claim to fame
was a 10-second slot in an early ‘sixties James Bond film: it seems the
filmmakers had got permission for their stunt driver to roar into the village
in the Bond Aston Martin, do a handbrake turn in front of the church and
then roar back in the direction he came from - the road looked a bit tight
then and looks even tighter in the DT photos!

Anyway, the race eventually took place and all went well for the lead group of

3rd Cats, when we all rode in Team Time Trial fashion, as seen previously on

the ‘telly for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. The 1st and 2nd Cats in the chasing

scratch groups never had a look-in and although only three of us 3rd Cats

“survived”, I was well-pleased with my third place “sprint”. This was duly

signed-off on my licence by the race      Ken Bowen. Altogether a

great day, with never a NIMBY or a stitch of lycra® (!) in sight. Fifty years

have now passed since that fine Summer day (scary!), but please bear in

mind that cycling events have been held in this “posh” part of Cheshire for

over 100 years - hence Bert Hunt telling DT’s Joe Shute of his father’s gold

racing medal there for Salford Wheelers in 1912. In essence, it seems to have

been “peace in the valley” for both locals and cycle racers for most of the

past century, home as the locality is to the Manchester ‘J’ courses at

Goosetrey and Chelford, near the Jodrell Bank radio telescope. Why is it then

that nowadays there is a confrontation between local NIMBYs and the

Lycra® Louts? This once more has attracted much media attention,

including ITV (Granada) News footage? Enter the address below on GOOGLE

etc for details and for the Elaine Willcox ITV interviews:-

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