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Brian Saxton - our syndicated DLN distributor - seems to have the gift of
providing me with inspirational topics, whether it’s Lugano, or Lycra® Louts.
Brian’s “Who do You Think You Are” (June DLN) prompted me to write this
article, and also proves he reads a decent newspaper, i.e. the Daily Telegraph!
The binary choice noted by Stax between “Old Time Racer” and “Lycra® Lout”
may indeed point to the origin of the current NIMBY-sourced media universe.
The National Cycle Trail “Big Bang” has doubtless coincided with the Sir Wiggo
revolution, but several NIMBY “Black Holes” have now also appeared to mar
the scene for all cyclists. These now include not only Great Budworth Council
but the white Lamborghini fanciers of Abinger Hammer, Surrey and who could
forget the “celebrity” chef James ”I hate cyclists” Martin, with his push-and-
go electric car, near us in Overton, Hants. Unfortunately the Lycra® Louts
have not helped this situation and the unregulated mass cycle rides now
also provide the nuisance value beloved of the NIMBYs and their tabloid
journalist fellow travellers.

I must admit that I had a problem completing this article, both to meet
Editor Mark’s DLN deadline and make my point. The issue was settled however
on Sunday, 24th July, driving home about 1800 on a country road at a place
called Christmas Pie (better believe it), near Surrey’s A31 Hog’s Back. We
initially came up behind a motor cyclist and we then approached a single line
of about ten 40-50 year-old “New Age” Lycra®Louts, making quite heavy
going of a slight gradient. The motor cyclist was forced to slow and passed
them with difficulty, but as we attempted to pass one of the riders suddenly
pulled-out and intentionally obstructed the road. A generous application of
the horn was met by the usual single-fingered salutation, the hallmark of his
own accepted stupidity; put simply, if at that age there is no sense of
self-preservation, there is no hope - perhaps there was a death wish! In a
nutshell, this type of behaviour has become much more common in recent
years and now seems to reflect on all of us cyclists to some extent.

I very much doubt if the “New Age” Lycra® Lout types encountered last

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