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Club 15 - 23rd July, 2016

    Tony and I left home to drive to the event with a hint of mist in the air,
but we were confident that the emerging sun would soon melt this away, and
true to form it did. We placed the Cycle Event Signs around the course
and made our way back to Lenham Community Centre – the meeting point.

    However, fate was to take another twist to this event for this year. We
had 6 riders gathered together on what was now a brilliantly sunny, warm
morning with little wind. After much deliberation the consensus of opinion
was that they all wanted to ride a standard 10 mile event rather than a 15.
So, being as we were only there to serve, that is what we delivered.

    The group of six were Mick and Debbie Valentine, Chris Cowlard who had
only ridden 900 miles in the last year having spent time renovating a house
for his daughter in Wales as well going off sailing once again, Dave Haggart
riding his new bike which he had built up the day before and hadn't had time
to try it out on the road, plus Richard Preece and Adrian Bond both riding
their first time trials. Adrian had travelled down by train to Lenham arriving
just in time for the activities.

Everyone signed on and collected their respective numbers – marshals

in the shape of Kav, Tich, Stack and Alan were dispatched to the turn

resplendent in yellow jackets whilst Tony and I made our way up to the start.

We had to make a minor adjustment to the start point as a huge articulated

lorry had parked right on the painted line. Whilst I time kept Tony pushed

the riders on their way. When we arrived at the finish point we had to

adjust the finish point to accommodate the distance lost at the start by

the parked lorry.

                   Times in order of finish :

Name               Time   Vets +/-

Adrian Bond        25.55 +9 seconds

Richard Preece     26.32 -5 seconds

Dave Haggart       26.42 +27 seconds

Chris Cowlard      28.07 -16 seconds

Mick Valentine     28.18  +5 seconds

Debbie Valentine 32.12    -2min 28 seconds

                   7 Cont over
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