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P. 3     August 2016  No. 1009 - 87h Year

         CLUB NIGHT   1889 DE LAUNE 2016

    PRESIDENT                           I hope Malcolm and Lyn’s annual barbie
WILLIAM WRIGHT                          went well and you got to see the racing.
                                        Good that there was also a Women's
 61a Burns House                        race picking up some of the action too.
    Kennington                          Sadly I missed it as I've been away for a
      SE17 3SX                          few days in France and didn’t get to
    020 7735 9605    watch the last two stages of Le Tour but I understand
                     the result was as predicted. To think that 7 or 8 years
     CHAIRMAN        ago Brian Cookson (then BC President, now UCI
    ROY SAVERY       President) thought people would think he was sticking his
    01959 777455     neck out by predicting a British TdF winner within 10 years.

    SECRETARY        Now we’ve had four wins, and this year British riders wore
  JEREMY WHITE       green, white and yellow jerseys all on the same day!
   101 Manor Park

      SE13 5RQ
    07565 151457

   TREASURER         The landscape has changed though. It seems the Sky
  VAL PEACHEY        Team was SO strong, and the sprinters teams so well
  63 Beverley Road   organised, that the whole approach to racing has
                     changed. There was ALWAYS a breakaway up the road,
       Barming       and it ALWAYS got caught 10-20km before the end to
      Maidstone      give the sprinters time to get organised. Unless it was a
  Kent ME16 9DU      mountain stage, in which case the Sky team had two or
    01622 727649     three lieutenants pacing the Yellow Jersey group and at
                     the same time making sure there was a break staying
  MEMBERSHIP         away to take the pressure off Froome.
 DAVID HAGGART       When I started in cycling I always felt there was a
388 Elmers End Road  wonderful heroism in these Grands Tours, with the
                     monumental mountain stages, the superhuman
      Beckenham      accelerations and personal battles going up Alps in the
   Kent, BR3 3HG

    0208 658 7419

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