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In our normal fashion we later decamped to the café Lenham Square for
breakfast. Interestingly I was the first to arrive here and place an order
where I mentioned that I was heading a group of around 12 and that we would
sit ourselves outside in the sunshine. At this the proprietor declared you
better get out there quick as a group of cyclists were descending – when I
mentioned that was the group with me he was quite pleased he hadn't said
anything derogatory !!!

                                    From the Treasury
    The club finances remain in a healthy situation despite no
monies being received from the Memorial Fund this year due to
extremely low interest rates. As a consequence of this all
open events and social functions are going to be self funding
for 2016.

I was contacted by Clerkenwell Trophies, the supplier of our

medals back in 1970' – 1980's. The company has now closed

down but during the clear out a batch of 30+ De Laune medals

were discovered.  These were medals presented to each

member of the committee on our Centenary year. A committee

decision will be made as to what use they can be put to. The

company refused to take any money for the medals or any

reimbursement of postage, I have however have sent a letter

to the company thanking them.

    Evans have again shown their support to the club this month,
however this latest cheque will be our last as, like many
businesses, they are having to reduce costs to suit the current
market. Again I have written a note of thanks for their
support over the last few years.

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