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This is the last DLN for our 125 year, next year should see the
1000 issue reached in November 2015 provided there is enough
copy each month. I have now completed this month 21 years as
editor and before that I did just the printing for a number of

years. During the 21 years I have produced 247 monthly news
letter worn out two photo copiers and one colour printer, Brian
Saxton has driven over from Bromley to Warlingham every month
since 1996 to collect them and then post them off to many of
the members.

I am happy to carry on in this job as long as I am able, but as I
said when I took on this task was that I would not be attending
many committee meetings, so from now on I will not be at the
meeting. For me I feel it is time for us older members to leave
the running of the club to the younger ones, we have seen this

year they are more than capable from the promotion the have

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