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1960 emerged as another round of eating, training, racing sleeping with
many successes along the way picking up 3 place and leading the winning
team in the RAF championship 25 held on the old Pound Hill course recording
a time of 1.3.26.

I recalled an inter services/international event held at Herne Hill in July
1960. It was our first date and I was given a prestigious seat in the
stands. Following the track meeting we had planned a visit to the cinema
followed by a meal so clearly a full day. Tony had been selected to ride the
madison event with John Bigwood (Southampton CC) – last event of the
day, the highlight of which took place halfway through the event, on the
finish line. Just as Tony and John were about to change a French paring
had just completed their change when the 'retiring' rider punctured in the
front and crashed heavily in front of field of speeding trackies. Tony stood
no chance whatsoever of avoiding him and ended up crashing at the same
time. St. Johns were on hand to administer stretchers and sticking
plaster, thankfully only the latter was required. Unfortunately both John
and Tony were DNF and we eventually arrived at the cinema with Tony
somewhat subdued and held together with Elastoplast !!! He insisted
we carried on as planned though I dont think he was very comfortable.

Once demobbed in October 1960 a quiet social season was enjoyed before
getting back to the road racing scene which again Peter Hatch recalled an
event where their paths met again at a Redmon CC promoted road race,
4 laps round a circuit which encompassed Ide and Hosey Hills where they
finished 1 and 2 respectively, happy but hard days.

Can I please remind officers who may have cheques/cash to pay in to do
before 20th December in order all payments appear on our last bank
statement on 31st December. Also any officer that needs any expenses
reimbursed to let me have them as soon as possible - for the same reason
as above. It makes my life so much easier with the auditors. Books will
be audited sometime early in January in readiness for the AGM.

Val the Peach
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