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As we have not been able to have a committee meeting since September,
through no fault of our own, we were unfortunately locked out earlier this
month, much to the embarrassment of a Cricket Club officer because the
keyholder had apparently forgotten we were coming. Tony and I had
struggled up to Dulwich despite a long hold up on the motorway, where time
just melted away. Had it not been the fact that I needed some cheques
signed we would have turned round and gone straight back home at Eltham,
so imagine our surprise to find everyone standing out in the cold and dark
on our arrival. Having had a quick chat, getting some signatures, we did
turn round fairly smartish and arrived back home by 9.30pm, enjoying a
much improved traffic flow.

As many members will know the Belgium night was again a great success
thanks to Kav and his merry band of helpers and waiters for which we are
all extremely grateful. As in previous years the event was heavily
subsidised by the club, a little more so this year without the expert services
of our usual chef Clif Steele. He promises to return again in 2015 so all
is not lost. The general feeling though is that the event is well worth
continuing with as it gives us the opportunity not only to present our
prestigious trophies and medals to our champions but also to give back
something to those members who take nothing else from the club.

Most of the expenditure for the year is complete apart from postage costs
for the DLN and of course the mince pies and mulled wine at the Richmond
Park Christmas club run - the last of the 125 celebrations. Cant promise
that we will have any of those beautiful 125 printed balloons which Stack
so carefully prepared for the Belgium night
but you never know. I believe there will
be some hardy souls tackling the hills on
bikes on 7th December for the Christmas
Club Run but rest assured there will also
be some static hecklers to speed them

on their way. BEWARE OF THE DEER. 12
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