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chat, which included some of the parishioners, we adjourned to the ‘George’
for lunch. Apart from the regular attendees it was good to see Dave
Haggard, Mick and Debbie Valentine and Brian Dacey in attendance.

Well our 125 anniversary year is nearly over, with only the Richmond Park
ride to come, but we have had some great moments to look back on. From
a pure activity point of view I think the Rollapaluza evening comes first,
followed closely by the Belgium Night. We had brilliant cash prizes for our
open promotions in celebration of this anniversary year. Special club badges
were made for all members and these have been greatly received, also this
year’s trophy winners and runner ups received special medals.

Alan Rowe became World Masters Pursuit Champion, and with Brian Dacey
and Peter Jenn four medals were won. For me the reuniting this year with
the Faunce-De Laune family was special, with Alured accepting a position
of Honorary Vice President.

As I was born in a ‘9’ year I reach certain milestones in my life at the same
time as the Club, thus age fifty at the Club’s hundredth anniversary, so
this year in celebration of my 75 and the Club’s 125 I rode another 12
hour, as you all know, and to date I am please to tell you that the Demelza
House Children’s charity will be receiving over a £1,000, with donations still
coming in, thanks to all for your generosity and I will let you know the final
figure next month.

The Faunce and De Laune families’ potted history is coming to an end, which
I hope you have enjoyed reading, I shall miss the research but I am sure
further information will surface from time to time.
All that remains this month is to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a
Healthy and Prosperous New Year from Lyn and me.


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