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Hi there all my De Laune friends – summer is almost here in Adelaide, it
was 39 on one day last week ! We are all getting ready for the Tour Down
Under on l7th Jan, it is always a fabulous week, we see lots of the riders
here in Glenelg, where I live, only 1O kms from Adelaide. The Teams arrive
here after their training rides for coffee at the local Cafes, so its always
crowded with the "Fans". Eileen & John Geoghegan, will be here for 2 weeks,
so get out to see the races each day.

The Race starts & finishes in Adelaide, so we get terrific views by the River
Torrens & Adelaide Oval. The Teams all stay at The Adelaide Hilton, so we
go in there for coffee and watch for the riders to come in after the rides.
Victoria Sq is opposite where the riders have their bikes checked, also stalls
with cycling gear for sale, John takes lots of photos, which he always sends
for you all to see We always see Phil Ligget & Paul Sherwen around as well,
Phil was a great friend of our own Chip & Daphne – remember them, I’m sure
lots of you do.

John chats to Paul - in Africaans of course!! I,m still riding my bike along
the flat beach paths, when the wind is in the right direction!! Suzanne &
Mike are out most days, before work!! So keeping very fit. Well – the Belgium
Night is over I,m sure it was a great success – as always – I do remember
the good times Ken & I had with you all - happy days & nights !

Happy Xmas to all my good friends - & Fit & Healthy New Year.

Hi Guys. Just a line to let you know that we will have

our Christmas Club Run in Richmond Park on Sunday
the 7 December. Meeting at the Roehampton Gate car
park at 10am. If you are driving in I recommend that
you arrive at about 9am to grt a parking space. Hot

drinks and food will be available!! Kav.

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