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From the Treasury

In my normal fashion I would like to commence my January report by thanking,
on behalf of the club, those members who have kindly made donations to the
club coffers during 2016 – in alphabetical order they are: – Mike Baker, Alan
Constable, Chris Cowlard, David Dulake, John Dods, Jennifer Evans, Mike
Hartley, John Kavanagh, Geoff Margetts, Tom O'Connor, Tony Peachey, Val
Peachey, Tony Purser, Brian Shambrook, Eddie Starsmeare, Dave Tweddell,
Don White, Jeremy White, Bill Wright. As usual, if you want your name to
appear in these headlines just cross my palm with 'silver', a note of the realm
or a cheque by way of a donation and you will magically appear on next year's

Your subs will be due in January, I am sure David will be chasing everyone soon
by e-mail etc, however as a reminder the subs remain unchanged for 2017 at

First Claim        £20.00
Full Time Student  £15.00
Second Claim       £15.00
Associate          £10.00
Under 18's         Free

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking those club members who
promote or organise social functions and events through out the year, for
their prompt balance sheets etc – it does make my life so much easier.

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Festive Season and has already started
on that uphill task of shedding the additional pounds in readiness for the
racing season. Were all those mince pies and glasses of bubbly really needed
as nice as they seemed at the time ???

                                                                                Val the Peach

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