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Dear Member,

In accordance with Rule 1.11, I have received written requests from 11 club
members, including three Memorial Trustees, to call a Special General
Meeting, which must be held within 28 days.

Therefore I give notice that a Special General Meeting of De Laune CC will
take place at the

                                                    . The SGM will immediately follow
the bi-monthly committee meeting, which will start at 8pm. All Club members
are welcome to attend the committee meeting also.

The Agenda, which shall be the only business conducted at the SGM, is as

1. That we are agreed in principle to the idea of making a significant donation
to Herne Hill Velodrome Trust, in consideration of such benefits as they may
be able to offer us. [see note 1]

2. That we agree to make an initial donation to them as early as January
2017, not exceeding £10,000. [see note 2]

3. That we agree in principle a further donation to them not exceeding
£15,000. This sum will require a withdrawal from the Memorial Fund which
requires to be ratified at a second General Meeting, to be held at least three
months following this first meeting. [see note 3]

Please note that only Ordinary Members and Honorary Life Members are
entitled to vote.

Note 1. The final phase of the Save The Velodrome campaign has seen a
fantastic new pavilion built at Herne Hill using funds mainly from The

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