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Quick round-up of Trophy winners for 2016

Alan Rowe .    The Johnson trophy & medal for the Vets time trial
Roy Savery     championship
               The De Laune Challenge Bowl as fastest rider in the 25
               Plus Age related record medals for 10 miles and 2x25

               Medal for runner up in the Vets time trial championship
               Medal for 2nd placed rider in the Club Open 10
               Plus Age related record medal for 25 miles

David Haggart  Golden Jubilee Bowl & medal as fastest rider in

               Autumn 25

               Jef Butcher Trophy & medal fastest on std in OMA 10

               K&D Fuller Trophy & medal fastest on scratch OMA


               Medal fastest club rider in Club Open 10

               Medal runner up in Club championship 25

               Medal runner up in Midsummer 25

               Medal runner up in Handicap competition

Steve Carter Smith Alan Maughan Trophy & Medal as fastest rider in

               Midsummer 25

Richard Preece Medal 1st in Handicap competition

               Medal runner up in club event 10

               Medal runner up on scratch in OMA 10

Debbie Valentine Medal as 1st lady in club event 10

               Medal as 1st lady on scratch OMA 10

Dave Rudd      Medal runner up on std OMA 10

Adrian Bond    Medal as fastest rider in club event 10

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