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this incredible forest, it was utterly magical and filled with deer and probably
my most favourite bit of the whole trip. With only 10km to go the route turned
onto a path that had deep black sand which i found impossible to ride through
as the bike just slide out from underneath me so i was back to pushing. Then
thankfully the last few km’s where on the road and i could relax onto my trip
bars, turn the peddles and smile all the way into the finish.

Highlights… The stunning scenery, the wildlife and the camaraderie.
Lowlights… The rain!! I am definitely a roadie not a mountain biker

Thanet RC Open 10 Mile Time Trial

1 Kevin Tye Aerosmiths Veteran 00:27:04 00:20:41
2 Will Newman
3 Ian Hodge       PMR @ Toachim House Espoir                    00:22:24
27 Malc Adams
                  Southborough & Dist. Whs Veteran 00:27:20 00:22:26

                  De Laune CC      Veteran 00:30:40 00:28:11

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