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Birthday celebrations for July
             8th George Lewis

         13th John Archdeacon
  30th Roy (Oldboy) Savery (80 !!!)

            THERE & BACK - LANDS END

                  620 Miles (un-supported)

Following on from last month Tony Peachey who was one of the other members
on this training ride dived into his archives and found the following, you will
note that the mileage does not add up to 620 that is because myself &
Charlie still had a few miles to go when we left Tony at his home..

Group - Tony Peachey - Mark Ballamy – Peter Staff – Charlie Carlton.

Thursday 15th April – left at 6.15pm rode to Four Marks (Near Alton)
                                                                                 54 miles

Friday 16th April (Good Friday) left at 8.45am rode to Honiton (near
Exeter) via Winchester and Salisbury.

                                                                                145 miles
Saturday 17th April rode to Lands End arriving at 5pm turned and rode back
to Redruth

                                                                                135 miles
Sunday 18th April. Left at 9am rode to Honiton.

                                                                                140 miles
Monday 19th April
Rode home via Yeovil, Shaftsbury, Salisbury, Basingstoke, Staines

                                                                                140 miles

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