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was so windy I had to change my front wheel as I was unable to hold the bike upright using a tri spoke. The only good thing was it wasn’t raining and I played at racing on the return leg. No I didn’t beat evens, 30.04! th This month’s diary shows Kav’s trip to France on the 7 , hope you all enjoy your day. The OMA Lunch at Brighton is on the 22 , so please let Trish nd have your booking ASAP, hope to see you there. Afraid that is it for this month, don’t all cheer. Brian sadly passed away on the 3 May rd at St Margaret’s Hospice, Bishop’s Hull, Taunton TA1 5HA after quite a long Sorry no illness. The funeral service was held at St Edward’s Church in Goathurst near Photo Bridgwater at 1 p.m. on the 15 May th followed by a private service at the available Crematorium in Taunton. Brian joined the Club shortly after the war at the same time as my brother, John Zarfas, Brian’s brother Peter Gunnell and Ken Elliott. He always remembered with great affection his years with the De Laune, although the last time we saw any of the members was at the Club’s Centenary in 1989. I doubt if anyone who still remembers Brian will be making the journey down to Somerset to the funeral but if anyone would like to make a donation in his memory could they please send it to the Hospice. 4
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