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The French Club Run Saturday the 7 June 2014. We depart on the 07.35 P&O Ferry from Dover. Meeting not later than 07.00 at the reception. The cost by booking on line is about £12.00 return including your bike. Remember that it will cost you about £12 to park your car in the Dover Harbour multi-story car park. If you want to take your car (£60 on the web) you can park it in the Calais car park. We return on the 17.45 (local time) ferry. It looks like we will have two club runs to La Fregate restaurant in Ardres for lunch. The first group will do a total of about 35 miles and the second group about 50 miles total. Group one will have time to stop at the village of Guines for coffee or a beer on the way. As you know our club will supplement the cost of the ferry. I did not take a group booking as no one would commit themselves. You will notice that the original start was 08.30. If it takes say two hours on the ferry and add one hour for French time we would start off on our ride at 11.30, not a lot of time to get to the restaurant for the second group. I would advise you to book your journey, be it by car or bike, on the web with P&O as it will be cheaper. If you want more information please contact me. or phone me at home 01622 726959 Kav. 7
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