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There have been three main phases of the campaign, each of which has
involved intensive fundraising and protracted lease negotiations. The first
was to replace the track surface with grippy, all-weather tarmac, and a much
more substantial track fence. This benefited from a large bequest from
former De Laune member Leonard Lyes.

The second used funds from the 2012 Olympic Legacy Fund to add track
lighting, a 250m inner track, and a large MUGA (multi-use games area) in
the infield. One unfortunate byproduct of these works was the removal of
several hundred tonnes of earth and clay from the infield which ended up on
the off-road area. Some remediation of this took place that wasn’t really
satisfactory, but fortunately De Laune CC came to the rescue again with a
fantastic £5000 donation.

Now I’m delighted to celebrate the
Velodrome’s 125th anniversary with
the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of the old
pavilion, to make way for a new
design by Mike Taylor, who was also

                                             the architect of the award-winning
                                            Olympic Velodrome at Stratford. Work
                                             will continue on the new building until
                                             early next year.

                                            As you can see from these pictures,
                                             they have saved the cast-iron columns
                                             from the front of the grandstand, to
                                             be incorporated into the new building.
                                            One of the key conditions in appointing

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