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Firstly can I say that this will be my last Treasurers report as those who
       attended the AGM will be aware that Richard Preece will be taking over from
       me in the very near future.      I would like to thank those members who have
       assisted me, in my role as Treasurer, by submitting accounts etc in a timely
       fashion and of course the auditors over the years of Derek Boon, the late
       George Wood, Trish Burns, Alan Constable and Chris Cowlard.    Also my
       accompanying Trustees for cheque signatures of Mike Peel and Bill Wright.
      Where would we be without these back up 'boys'.

          Although Richard is one of our newest members he is highly qualified in
       financial issues and I am sure he will find the role satisfying.     Though I have
       assured him that I am only a telephone call or e-mail away for any early issues.
       I very much appreciated the back up I received from Don White, if only to tell
       me what I intended to do was right, it was good to be supported.

          I have remained on the committee so I have not left the scene, just a
       little less active.

      Val the Peach

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