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I was out a couple of weeks ago and riding with my regular companions when
       I received a tap on the shoulder and was surprised to see Adam Glasser who
       was staying in Margate for a few days and had taken the opportunity to get
       a few miles in. He joined us for 5 or 6 miles and we had a good chat. We
       departed at Reculver as I directed him back along the sea wall,. I hope he
       didn't get lost.

      Alan Rowe, myself, and Mick Cooper (Old Kent C. C.) went to the Good Friday
       meeting at the London Velodrome (my first visit) and after meeting David H.
       and Stevie V. I thought I recognised a rather familiar large shape, so I sent
      Alan to enquire as to whether my recognition was correct. Yes, none other
       than Jeremy Briggs who is fit and well but maybe needs to get out on a bike
       a bit! Jeremy, who many of you know lives in the Norwich area, but he told us
       he has a flat in South London as he still has two more years with the Police
       Force. Lets hope he puts in an appearance to say hello when we move to
       Herne Hill Velodrome for our meetings.

       Other club members at the Good Friday meeting were Kav (out with his
      'Fairies' Roly, Dick, and Roger). and Mick Jones and wife Sarah along with
       some of his Basingstoke cycling mates. Danny Rudd was another and I was
       told that Chris Gordon-Coker was there, although not seen by us. Don't think
       I missed anyone!

      The meeting was well organised but less than a 1,000 spectators, so run at
       a substantial loss. Hopefully this may be the turning point and back to Herne
       Hill would be good news for us old guys.


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