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Remembering Mike Hall

                    Indian Pacific Wheel Race·Friday, April 7, 2017
                               Words by Jesse Carlsson

      The Indian Pacific Wheel Race showcased the extraordinary abilities of Mike
       and also the individual adventurousness of all the riders. The battle between
       Mike and Kristof captured enormous interest. Around the world millions of
       people watched the race coverage. Thousands of messages flowed in from
       people inspired by the riders’ efforts; some motivated to ride a bike for the
       first time in years. Fans followed the riders online and came out of their
       houses, even in the middle of the night, to line the streets to cheer them on.
       In doing so, parents showed their children the importance of adventure and
       living life to the fullest.

      Those who didn't know Mike three weeks ago are now heartbroken having never
       even met the man. They followed his adventure, tuning in each day, willing him
       on and now they mourn his loss. The stories from the road from all adventures
       teach us not to wait, but to live right now.

       Our thoughts are with Mike's family and closest friends at this difficult time.
       Our thoughts are also with all others directly affected by this tragic accident,
       including the driver and those closest to the driver.

       It takes a special sort of courage to start, and a rare motivation to finish,
       the things that Mike did in his short life. Mike excelled in the longest and
       most difficult cycling events in existence – it was not about prize money or
       material winnings. He did them to see if he could. He relished the challenge
       of testing his mental and physical limits. He loved the thrill of the race. His
       super-human abilities made him a hero, but Mike’s humility and care for fellow
       competitors made him a true champion.

       Mike, through his Transcontinental Race, is largely responsible for building
       the million-strong global community of endurance cyclists and race fans who
       now support each other in this tough time. The nature of this community is

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