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humble,  sharing  and  inclusive.  This  is  a  reflection  of  Mike  as  one  of  its
       founders  and  leaders.  Before  Mike's  race  was  established,  unsupported
       endurance cycling events were low-key and only those who looked hard for
       them could find them. Mike saw the importance of giving these races more
       prominence. He knew that by telling the stories of the riders, more of us would
       be inspired to take on bold challenges in cycling or elsewhere in life.

      We draw some comfort from knowing that Mike's life made a million lives richer.
      The huge crowds of supporters who rode in tribute events all around the world
       is proof of that. It is our job now to ensure his good work and inspiration
       continues. Mike’s spirit will always be with us.

       I don't expect things to get better, they'll just be different from now on.

                             Fred Peachey Open 25

       Dont forget the Club Open 25 is due to be held on 21 st May on

       Q25/20 (Harrietsham).     At the moment I have just one entry
       from the club for the Championship 25 which is included within
       this event.      Thankfully I do have 17 trusty helpers plus 2 outside

       I have already booked the hall which is Lenham Community Centre,
       good weather has also been requested, so why not come along,
       enter the event and enjoy a good morning's entertainment.


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