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P. 3           May 2017                 No. 1018 - 88  Year
              CLUB NIGHT
            SECOND MONDAY             1889 DE LAUNE 2017
            OF EACH MONTH
          S & M CRICKET CLUB              CYCLING CLUB

                                              All the President’s pen
        WILLIAM WRIGHT                      Following the AGM on Sat 22 nd April,
         61a Burns House
           Kennington                       I’d  like  to  make  a  formal  vote  of
            SE17 3SX                        thanks  to  Val  Peachey,  who  has
               020 7735 9605                stepped  down  having  been  our  Hon

                CHAIRMAN                    Treasurer since I believe 2008, and
            ROY SAVERY        has been an excellent one too. Her accounts have
             01959 777455
                              always been fully accurate with monthly committee
             SECRETARY        reports, and annual accounts completed and audited
          JEREMY WHITE        quickly after year-end, every year. Any figures I’ve
          101 Manor Park      ever needed when sorting Memorial Fund matters
                  SE13 5RQ    have always been supplied with lightning speed.
            07565 151457
                              Fortunately we won’t lose her, since she remains a
          RICHARD PREECE      committee  member  and  continues  various
             8b Wellfield Road  timekeeping  and  event  organising  roles,  as  wise
                  SW16 2BP
               07580 813114   counsel no doubt!
            MEMBERSHIP       At the same time I’m delighted to welcome Richard
         388 Elmers End Road  Preece as our new Treasurer and Club Captain – a
             Beckenham        safe  pair  of  hands  if  ever  I  saw  one.  Thanks  for
           Kent, BR3 3HG
                              stepping up Richard! Also Eddie Buckley as our new
            0208 658 7419
                              Road Racing Secretary and SERRL Rep. Neither have
                              been in the club for more than a couple of years so
                              this is all the more appreciated.

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