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It was good to see new members Phil Walker and Steve Evans at the AGM
       too, contributing some useful input. There was some useful discussion about
       communication between members to keep everyone in touch about what’s
       happening from week to week, including race reports etc. Our Twitter feed is
       now gathering pace on the front page of the website after being a little static
       for a while. Also, our new Club Captain and our webmaster Mike Peel have
       added a Strava app to it as well, at Christian and
       Richard at the head of the leaderboard so far.

       Richard is putting together a programme of sportives for members to target
       so we can all ride together at the same ones.

      The  vote  of  the  day  was  for  the  large  £25,000  donation  to  Herne  Hill
      Velodrome, and I am so delighted that this was passed – the meeting was
       unanimous in approving this, with just two postal votes against. The benefits
       of this are huge for HHVT Trust and for the South London cycling community
       as a whole. It reflects our lifelong relationship with the Track, which first
       opened in 1891, just 2 years after members of the De Laune Institute founded
       their cycling section. It’s a very proud moment for the Club, as it looks forward
       to a strong future of cycling at the Velodrome.

      At the time of writing I’m still trying to pin down the manager for our monthly
       meetings there, but I’ll keep you posted!

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