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The U.C.I. Masters World Track Cycling Championships have just been
completed at Manchester, and De Laune had Five representatives this year,
Juliet Sprake, Brian Dacey, Mike Rice, Peter Jenn, & Alan Rowe. Brian started
us off with a Bronze in the Scratch, Then Juliet in her first Worlds
championships achieved a very creditable Bronze in the 500mts. Time Trial,
then I managed to get a bronze in the Time Trial, then Brian came back with
deserved Bronze in the sprint, now it was Mike’s chance to turn it on for a
very good Bronze in the Scratch, Last of all late Saturday evening I got a
Silver in the Pursuit final against the American James Kloss who I beat last
It finally resulted in the De Laune CC winning 6 medals more than any other
British cycling club at this years championships, bearing in mind that they
are international championships, but nationally we were the best!


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