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From the Treasury
     We have had an extremely quiet time of late on the Treasury
front. The open events were held earlier in the year and all went
off very smoothly.

     Our funds remain in a healthy state – long may it continue.
In order to use some of our funds for the benefit of the sport and
the club another roller event was held in late October organised
by Juliet and Jayne which ,judging from the comments, was another
great success. I am sure a full report will appear within these
pages which will do full justice the venture. The event was
subsidised by £500, which was 50% less than last year.

     I have at last been able to settle the final invoice for the Bioracer kit
ordered in April. It seems there were a few problems with various items and
Christian has had difficulties sorting out the total bill. The final cheque of
£1433.92 was despatched last week. So, dont forget if you need that last
minute Christmas present for yourself Christian would be pleased to take
your order.

     Last Sunday (25th October) dawned bright and crisp albeit a
little cold, with a good forecast weatherwise promised. Tony and
I manned the Claygate checkpoint arriving on 'post' at 7.30 am.
We proceeded to despatch groups of riders every 5 minutes away
on their chosen rides. Second group contained Mark Gidney,
Dave Haggart, Steve Carter Smith and Alan Rowe at 8.05 on their
100km ride. Evenutally at 9.35 our second group of riders 5
riders of Debbie, Mick, Steve Valentine plus Roy Savery and Peter
Jenn started their 50km ride. A total of 252 riders were sent in
groups of around 10 by 9.45, this gave us an opportunity to have
a quick coffee before the riders from the other side of the county
at Ashford, who were riding either 100km or 100 miles started to
pass through our checkpoint at 10.25. Over the course of the

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