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day roughly 500 riders passed through the Claygate check. It
was around 12.30 when our 50km people started to finish swapping
their check cards for a medal. Our second group arrived just
before 1pm. Continued groups of riders came, went or stayed
until just before 2pm. The only riders we did not see were the
50km riders who started and finished at the Ashford check one
of which was Malc Adams. So well done to all our riders – though
somehow the family Valentines mannaged to go off course and
cover around 60km according to their Garmin but still came in
within the time limit. Taking into consideration that they made
the effort, covered the distance and made it back to the finish
the organiser agreed their points would count towards the club
total and medals would be awarded – it is an end of season fun
event after all. Strangely enough for the last 3 years an ex
member Richard MacFarlane, riding for the West Kent RC has
started at Claygate but has never finished !!! I suspect he needs
some tuition on map reading.

    Tony and I sat back later in the evening and commented on the
fact that over over the space of 7 hours we must have seen just
about every racing person in the County at one time or another

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