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These names rang a few bells with me so I had a look at a few DLN from the
years 1953/54 and I found that both Lionel Andalo and Dave Overden were
active members and were riding in the club TT. Lionel rode in the Kentish
Wheeler Open Novices “25” in 1953 and recorded a time of 01:12:09 and also
recorded some 01>08 rides in club events. Dave also rode “25” and the best
I can find for him was a 01:05:56 in the Mid Summer event, he also road
Massed Start, was third in the Club Hill Climb 1954 in 2:20 on Brasted Hill
also road Cyclo Cross and was also the Club’s Massed Start secretary.
I have not yet found any thing on Terry Round but here is a link to Lenny

                      Link to David Hamilton (past member)




                                                 Club Members celebrating
                                                    birthdays in October
                                                          2nd Pat Connor
                                                          7th Alan Rowe
                                                         8th Katie Chown
                                                       12th Dave Haggart
                                                        19th Ken Knapman
                                                     26th Jon Archdeacon

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