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284km/hour! Would it be fair, do you think, to leave that on my training record
to cover all the training miles I plan to do over the winter on the rollers, going
nowhere and therefore not racking up Strava miles?

Talking of Rollers, our Rollers night is on again on Oct 22nd at the Peckham
Liberal Club. Juliet and Jayne have put together a really innovative programme,
which will involve 4-up racing. Keep your eyes on social media about it – on
our twitter feed, forum and facebook. We used to have a lot of success at
roller racing – is there a team somewhere we can bring out of retirement?

Look no further than the magnificent team we’re sending off to the World
Masters Track Championships next week at Manchester (3rd to 10th October).
Our best wishes go to these world-class contenders: Juliet Sprake, Michael
Rice, Peter Jenn, Brian Dacey and Alan Rowe. Best of luck to you all! Look
forward to hearing how that goes.



How time flies. The     is on the 25 October

2015. Please let me know if you would like me to put down

your name down to ride. and the distance to be covered.

50k or 100k.


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