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From the Treasury

    Not a lot from the Treasurer's Desk this month except to say we remain
on a steady ship despite the lack of any money from the Memorial Fund this
year due to the very low interest rates.

    This is the time of year when the various affiliations become due for
National and local organisations, clearly as and when I receive reminders
these will be met in the usual fashion.

    Unfortunately Tony and I were unable to attend the last committee
meeting so I cannot report on anything that was discussed or agreed on the

I can report though of a re-joiner to the club that some older members may

recall – he goes by the name of            (pronounced sherry). I have had

some very long phone calls from him and listened to him reminiscing of his

youth within the club in the 1950's/60's.

Kent Cycling Association Reliabity Trial

    Hope you have your entries into Kav for the up and coming KCA event

due to be held on Sunday 30th October. Tony and I will be 'on duty' at Claygate
as usual sending riders off from around 7.45 to 9.30 just in time to receiving
the first of the riders wanting cards signed who started on the other side
of the circuit and of course welcoming our own starters back from 2.30

    Not a lot of spare time for us but at least it makes the morning zip by

    So, we hope to have the pleasure of a group of De Launites checking in
on time and enjoying the reward of a medal on completion of the event.

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