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OMA 10
17th September, 2016

    Well, what can we say about this years OMA 10. The breakfast was
delicious in good company, giving everybody time to reminisce however the
event itself which was best forgotten. The overcast morning decided to
deposit rain onto the field of 9 riders just before the start. Alan Rowe
immediately declared he would not ride so we were down to 8.

    Debbie was first off leading the way to the turn where Kav, Stack and
Tich were marshalling. Peter Jenn turned up at the start with half a minute
to go despite the fact that he arrived in the car park before anyone else, as
he sorted himself out on the line his newly built up bike had a 'mechanical' –
his saddle decided to rest on the top tube. Unperturbed Malcolm produced
his tool kit and sorted the problem out, leaving Peter to miss his start time
but he was able to go last man off. Needless to say he did not arrive at
the finish, we suspected he stopped off at the hall on the way back. All the
riders were blown out to the turn but struggled on the way back.

    A rider from the dark and distant past joined in the fun – Dave Rudd –
who produced a personal best 10 time – I should add that 10 mile time trials
did not exist for men when Dave hung up his wheels – they did not enter the
event programmes until 1972.

Overall Scratch Result

Dave Haggart        27.52

Richard Preece      28.40

Dave Rudd           30.07

Chris Cowlard       30.54

Mick Valentine      31.47

Debbie Valentine    34.41

DNF Peter Jenn, DNS Alan Rowe PTT John Wells (SFA)  34.22

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