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Sad news for Nomads and many South Eastern cyclists is that Brain Skelton
                                          passed away on the 11 September.
                                          Brian was a friend of many De Laune
                                          Members and a regular attendee at the
                                          clubs social events.
                                          Other Nomads who have recently passed
                                          away are.
                                                        John Hart
                                                        Tim Stevens

                    Running and South London Local History

           Catford’s Long Lost Velodrome

Catford was home to several sports stadia which have been lost over the
years, including the greyhound stadium and The Mount, home to Charlton
for a season, both of which have been covered before in Running Past. Another
very short-lived one was a cycling and athletics track on a site close to
Brownhill Road, now taken up by Elmer Road and Sportsbank Street. It was
the track home to Catford Cycling Club and Blackheath Harriers between
1895 and 1900.

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