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For first time ever, every rider with a minus on standard.

                    Dave Haggart          -0.43

                    Dave Rudd             -1.05

                    Richard Preece        -2.13

                    Chris Cowlard         -3.03

                    Mick Valentine        -3.24

                    Debbie Valentine      -4.57

DNF Peter Jenn, DNS Alan Rowe PTT John Wells (SFA) 34.22

Timekeepers were Tony & Val Peachey – Pushers off Mike Peel, Roy Savery
and Malcolm Adams, clearly were not overworked.

            I am going to have to correct you as the first OMA “10” was held

on the 17th September 1967 (even I rode having not raced since 1954) held on
the G311 Brighton Road. the start was at Earlswood Common, turn at Povey
Cross and finish back at the ponds.

KEN HILL                              “ “ 29:20 +9:04 2nd

MARK BALLAMY **                                  33:32 -7:20 ???

LES PYNE                              ** 33.41              Last

Scratch ALAN ROWE                     **         24:35

(Timekeepers for the event were Fred and Tony Peachey)

                    There were 14 riders

The general opinion of the event by all who were there was very pleasing to

me but I would suggest to next years T.T. secretary that the standards might

be adjusted, for it seems we were a bit tough on the under 40's and lenient

on the over 55's."

                    Organiser FRED PEACHEY

The cine film of this event can be found on the clubs DVD (No.3)
                                                                             Mark Ballamy

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