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Ride london

I survived the deluge which was the RideLondon 100 - so
wet they cut the course to 86 miles.

I want to thank you all for donating to Pancreatic Cancer
UK and helping them fund continued research into the
disease. It means a lot.

For the record I completed the course in 3 hours 46 mins
which I'm pretty happy with considering the conditions.
Jos set out to try and raise £1000 for this charity, at
the time of writing this he had raised £5921, Ed.

Six of us rode Malcolms 125 Anniversary Ride & 3 walkers. The walkers were
Led by Lennie Brown, incl. Pat Coner Len's partner & Auline Legge Ken's
partner, The bikies were Malcolm, Kenny Legge, Dave Haggart, & Bill Wright.
We covered 26 very varied & some very gritty miles., yet we only had 1
puncture! It was a great day out and splendidly complimented with a fine
lunch at the George in Newnham. Well done Mal. thanks for the hills!!!

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