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P. 17
Chris Chalet & Malcolm Adams

This was taken on the Bath Road in
the Archer Road Club '50' in1967 we
got first team with Mick Valentine
and I believe he was stoked by
Graham Crocombe

Our time was 2.05.51 (Chris' fastest
'25' at the time was a 'seven' and mine
a 'three') Mick and Graham, it was
him, (both under the hour men) did
a 2.04.24. Charlie Carlton our
transporter and mentor didn't expect
Chris and I to be that close to the
others, nor did they!. The full date
was 11th June 1967

The Excuse is we are going to watch the Tour de France

More photos of this year adventure can be found at -
Photos by KAV & MIKE
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