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this profiteering that he managed to establish a series of pilchard fisheries
along the south west coast of Cork. He had a business partner in the
fisheries industry, none other than Richard Boyle, the Great Earl of Cork.
It was a case of ‘keep it in the family’ as Hull married a Jane Boyle and
Henry Delaune’s mother was Alice Boyle, they were sisters and their father
was another Richard Boyle (Archbishop of Tuam), cousin to the Great Earl.

Hull received a knighthood from Charles 1 in 1621, despite having faced
accusations of piracy throughout his career. In 1685, now Sir William,
captured eight pirates who, no doubt, did not toe the line for he sent them
to Cork and they were executed

Sir William later returned to sea as a privateer, raiding French and Spanish
ships with the King’s blessing.

Sir William’s residence, Leamcon Castle (also known
as the Black Castle) is one of a dozen castles built by
the O’Mahony Clan in West Cork.

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