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Lesley Russell observes:-
There are many accounts of this shocking and notorious event but none of
them mention the existence of a wife for George, though they do speak of
jealousy between the brothers over a "young gentlewoman". A local story
tells of a youthful dalliance that was stamped on by Sir George, the girl is
named as Anne but there is no mention of her family. Another melodramatic
telling of the story names Anne DeLaune and her mother as co-conspirators
in a plot to trap George into marriage, with both George and Freeman
romantically involved with her. Neither say the marriage actually took place
- only Anne Sprignell and William DeLaune's attested statement does this, but
it would have to be supposed that that this record is, in fact, the correct one,
and the marriage did take place.

Contempory accounts paint young George as headstrong, spoilt and dissolute,
very much his father's favourite. He was at least a couple of years younger
than Anne. Is it possible they eloped, and were separated by their families
who hushed up the whole affair? Did Freeman kill his brother in a fit of
jealousy or as reprisal for his "ruining" Anne. His confession gives no clue,
nor do any reports of the trial. A less dramatic (and more probable)
explanation is that there was a family-sanctioned marriage (as acknowledged
in the pedigree) and when the murder took place, the family used all its
influence to close ranks around the young widow and protect her from the
inevitable notoriety of such a shocking event.
Anne went on to marry Henry Peck, a London lawyer, and have several
children. She is buried in St Margarets, Westminster Abbey.
Sir Michael Livesey (MP Queensborough, Isle of Sheppey)
I have just read a book 'History of the Isle of Sheppey' by Augustus Daly, first
published in 1904 (heavy going!). It was lent to me by a friend after I had
been boring him with the De Laune history in my area and he had recognised
some of the names I had mentioned to him which were referred to in the

The following was unknown to us relating to Sir Michael, who disgraced his
reputable family by becoming a follower of Oliver Cromwell. I have already
mentioned Michael (the regicide who was the 5�� signatory on Charles 1��

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