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DELAUNE FAMILY Research and sad tales.

I am holding over the continuing of Delaune family, Irish branch until January as
further information has been made available due to research mainly by Leslie
Russell with a little bit of help from me..

Firstly however, I decided to make a trip out with Lyn one bright and sunny afternoon
a couple of weeks ago and take some pictures of St Michael and all Angels, and Town
Place, Throwley Then move on to Provender and lastly St Peters and St Pauls, Lynsted.
These places all connect the Delaunes, Sondes and Hugessen families. I have sent
on the photos to Lesley Russell in Australia.


The Sondes family vault is inside,
also William Delaune, son of
Abraham & Ann (nee Sondes) was
christened here.

I took a photo of Town Place, one time, residence of the Sondes family, then, we
moved on through to Newnham, past Sharsted Court calling at Champion Court
which is just around the corner from Sharsted Court. I wrote in the DLN about
Provender and Champion Court back in March this year, and also visited Sharsted
Court and Champion Court with Geoff and Betina Margetts in July (when they came
over for the BBQ). Geoff and I were suspicious as to whether Champion Court was
in fact the right building, and making further enquires on this visit my doubts are
more or less confirmed that the present building (picture shown in the March DLN)
and on several websites, is not the original one but is Mock Tudor, thus further
investigation needed. We then proceeded to Provender, I took a couple of pictures
and then on to Lynsted Church. Unfortunately, but fortunate for me, they are in the
middle of restoration internally and thus open and I managed to get the workmen
to let me in briefly and I managed a picture of the memorial tablet 'featuring' Gideon

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