Page 17 - DLN Dec2013-977
P. 17

This Gideon being son of Abraham &
Ann (nee Sondes) who married into
the Hugessen family, as did his
widowed mother. (see March DLN
Page 18)

I started to retrace my outward journey through
the quite and narrow country lanes and said to
Lyn, who was by now a little weary of my
enthusiasm, that I was going back to Throwley,
in the hope I would find someone at home, I did,

I spoke to the resident, John Owen and explained my interest and asked him
if he would kindly give a copy of the Joan Crowch, Jane Freeman, George
Sondes sad story (see below) to his neighbour, plus a small family tree linking
the Sondes and De Launes. (I had promised information of the
Delaune/Sondes connection to his neighbour back in the summer, after I had
a brief meeting with him).

John was extremely interested and knew about the Delaunes (his neighbour
did not), and ask if I had any history. I told him I was in contact with Lesley
Russell, a Delaune descendant, and John asked if she could make contact
with him.

John, I have since found out is the Faversham historian and Lesley has since
contacted him.

Sondes family murder

Laydon is where the Barkham family also had a presence. William
Delaune son of Ann (Sondes) and Abraham Delaune married Dorcas

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