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to get better results out of the Schlecks by splitting them up didn’t work
and, most importantly, didn’t put a foot wrong on the doping front.)

The last part of the book deals with the end of Jens’ career - the World Hour
Record attempt – inspired by Chris Boardman’s career-ending sortie –and
the background, build-up and logistics – including notes on gearing choice
(settled on 55x14 to ride 18 second laps at 100rpm) and life after retirement
from racing. ( Interesting that they even practiced actions in the event of a
puncture during the attempt.)

Definitely one for the Xmas list!

Some training insights from Jens Voigt’s autobiography “Shut Up Legs!”
illustrating the evolution of training theory during his career.

At the East German Sports School while Jens was a student there, the
driving principle was Long Slow Distance (LSD). They did some research into
how far the body could be pushed before the destructive effects of training
on the muscles exceeded the positive effects of rebuilding post-training. The
protocol was:

3-day endurance block, 1 day rest:

 Day 1   Day 2                  Day 3   Day 4
180kms  200kms                 220kms  Rest
200kms  220kms                 250kms  Rest
250kms  280kms                 300kms  Rest
280kms  300kms                 330kms  Rest

(Let me know how you get on!)

Jens points out that when he joined GAN, Chris Boardman was quick to point
out the benefits of quality training over quantity of miles. Jens believes the
years of LSD built a deep endurance base for him but notes “it makes you
strong, but slow”.

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