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Ie much of a difference.”
It turns out that Kyle's test used a fake lower leg with hair glued on (or not)
in a miniature wind tunnel, way different to the test with Thomas with actual
riders pedaling bikes in a tunnel that simulates cycling speeds.
Almost everyone who races shaves their legs, so for those riders this finding
just demonstrates that you'll be at a disadvantage if you don't shave. But
if you want to boost your average sportive speed it might well be worth
getting out the razor.
Video: The Win Tunnel: Shaved and Dangerous?

    Shaving your legs – we’re not alone…

Cyclists (and swimmers, bodybuilders) were doing it first, but new research
suggests that up to half of modern men are shaving their legs.
In a survey of Men’s Health Facebook readers, 33.1 per cent of respondents
said they occasionally used a trimmer to keep things neat, and an additional
15.3 per cent shaved their legs ‘frequently’. Women’s Health asked its
readership whether it was partial to [their partner] having a close shave,
and the results were equally revealing: 30 per cent liked a bit of a trim, while
22 per cent said they liked a clean-shaven look.

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